About Me

My first memory of loving writing was in 6th grade when I received a homework assignment where I was instructed to write a story about what I thought the world would be like without laws. Just like any normal 6th grader, I had no love for homework. However, as I began working on this assignment, I found myself really enjoying the process and wanting to write more. The next day I turned in the story and found myself stunned to watch my classmates sit in silence (not something common in that class) as the teacher read my story to them.

That initial spark of enjoyment and astonishment at the power of writing set off a lifelong love of writing stories and poetry throughout school, to writing novels, novellas, and children’s books as an adult.

After over 14 years of working in the health care industry as a Physical Therapist Assistant, I now find myself looking towards my love of writing as a career change. In truth, I’m not sure why it took me this long to consider writing as a viable option as a career. Perhaps I was meant to spend time helping others before following my dream, but now I find myself drawn to writing stronger than ever and want to share my ability to craft words with the world.


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